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How to Judge GB King George V Stamp Values

Most collectors will be familiar with the reference valuations offered by catalogues like the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue but, while offering a good benchmark to guide collectors, it is rare that a stamp or cover actually sells for the catalogue value published. Most mint or used stamps will achieve a percentage of the catalogue value according to condition but, in some situations where rarity is enhanced, the catalogue values can be less than the actual price that sellers can request and be paid.

Experience really is the best teacher to help collectors form good valuation judgements of stamps but, apart from digesting catalogues, the internet now offers a fantastic resource to study. By keeping a close eye on the successful sales made on the online auction websites it is possible to see what is popular and the prices being paid by collectors. The internet has fast become a great research tool where you can see numerous examples of real sales with decent pictures to view and the prices that were achieved. Before internet auctions this information was often only available at a cost from traditional auction houses and the volume of information was limited and often without images.

As this web page was displayed to you a search of some current online George V British stamp auctions took place meaning we can provide a number of live examples for relevant items selling right now. Please note that these auctions will end soon so, if interested in any particular item, you should access the full listing via the GB George V Stamp Auctions page.

A selection of current KGV Stamp auctions due to end soon include...

    Current bid £19.95 (1 Bid)
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Do remember the prices you see in the above list represent the current bid amount and not the final sale price. It is the final prices realised at auction that helps to guide collectors to determine realistic values compared to the general valuations offered in trade catalogues.

Sometimes it is a more useful indication is the fixed price listings where you can buy the item immediately without entering in to a bidding process. When searching these stamp offers it is best to view the items recently listed rather than those about to end as, it stands to reason, the best offers will be snapped up first!

  • SG439a-442b Photogravure Sideways Set (622)
    £12.99 End Date: Sunday Sep-21-2014 10:50:40 Buy It Now for only: £12.99
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Further valuation help can be otained from stamp magazines and online or offline dealer lists. Do remember when viewing these that, like the catalogues, retail pricelists usually give prices for typical stamps and do not reflect any special qualities that may make a stamp more valuable. It can also be surprising to see the difference in prices that some dealers publish in lists and on websites compared to the stamps they list to sell in auctions. Very often the prices are more competitive when paying marketplace websites to sell their stock items by auction!