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Collect British Stamps: 1924-1925 British Empire Exhibition

GB Stamps for the 1924 and 1925 British Empire Exhibition The British Empire Exhibition was held at Wembley in Middlesex close to London during 1924 & 1925. The event was officially opened by King George V on 23rd April 1924. At this time the British Empire was made up of 58 countries and only Gibraltar and Gambia were not represented at the exhibition. The cost at the time of £12 million made sure this would be the largest ever exhibition staged anywhere in the world and over 27 million visitors attended while it was open.

Stamps commemorating the exhibition were issued for both 1924 and 1925. The stamps all featured similar designs to that shown here. The penny value was red and penny halfpenny value brown. The first day of issue for the 1924 stamps was 23 April 1924 - the day King George V opened the exhibition - and the 1925 printing was issued on 9 May 1925. Apart from envelopes posted by visitors many different letter cards, postcards and souvenirs were produced commemorating the exhibition. Collectors today tend to refer to the stamp sets as being either the "1924 Wembley" or "1925 Wembley" commemorative issues.
Around 25 different special postmarks, many featuring the lion logo, were used during the exhibition in both years. The most commonly seen examples are those used on regular mail. The parcel handstamps, registered marks and specific exhibitor postal markings can be very scarce.

First Day Covers for the stamps are very collectable and, depending on condition and postmarks, prices can easily exceed a £1,000 for the most desirable. The 1925 stamps on FDC are very much more valuable than the 1924 issue as many collectors at the time did not recognise the new 1925 stamp as a proper new issue meaning far fewer were serviced with FDI postmarks.

Collectors should note that the stamps were only sold at the exhibition which means examples bearing first day of issue postmarks from other parts of the UK away from the exhibition (or London) are extremely rare. A number of forgeries bearing Rhyl postmarks on the 1924 issue turned up in the 1970s so excercise caution.

Several postal stationery items - including pre-paid postcards, envelopes and letter cards - were produced for both years of the exhibition. While First Day of use cards are very collectable, the 1925 stationery items are far more valuable than the 1924.

The stamps for both years were recess printed by Waterlow & Sons. In 1924 the stamps were normally line or comb perforated whereas only comb perforated examples are found for the 1925 stamps.

New GB postage stamps still influenced by Arnold Machin

Arnold Machin Centenary Stamps

Years after his passing in 1999, Arnold Machin is still making a huge impact on British stamp design. Perhaps the most interesting use of his iconic Queen's head design is on the latest Post and Go stamps which many collectors believe will prove to be the start of a new generation of postage stamps where services and values are overprinted at the point of sale on pre-printed stamp designs.

It therefore seems fitting that the centenary of Arnold Machin's birth was the subject of Britain's first ever commemorative Post & Go stamps.

Printing The London 2012 Olympics Definitive Stamps

Squared Circle Postmarks

Did You Know?

Did you know:  Aerophilately is philately that specialises in the study of airmail and flown covers. Flown mail has been recorded and studied from its earliest days and virtually every aspect of worldwide airmail services have been extensively documented by aerophilately specialists.

Tip: Keep your eye out for original 1911 Coronation Aerial Post covers that were flown between London and Windsor as good quality examples are becoming very difficult to find now.

Recent British Stamps & Philately Articles

How to Sell a Stamp Collection
Think about the stamp catalogue for a moment. Don't get fooled by that notional figure claimed as catalogue value. The catalogue value will not represent the amount you will receive when you come to sell a stamp collection to a dealer or by auction. Obviously the type of stamps in the collection will influence the value but, perhaps more importantly, the condition of the stamps will have a huge impact on the price you can sell for. [...]

British Postmarks - The Brighton Maltese Cross Cancellation on Victorian Stamps
Brighton seems to have begun with quite a normal Maltese Cross in 1840 but this apparently wore badly and GPO records indicate that a replacement was issued during September 1841. However, before the replacement was issued, a distinctive local Cross also seems to have been used. [...]

The Popularity of Signed Philatelic Covers
During recent years it appears many collectors have lost interest in the traditional First Day Cover like those issued by Royal Mail and switched their attention to the more limited productions of special event and anniversary covers - especially celebrity signed covers. I first noticed this change during the rush for Concorde memorabilia when the iconic aircraft retired back in 2003. The demand for Concorde covers signed by pilots at that time was astounding - particularly covers signed by the main test pilots. Since then I have seen many celebrity signed, limited edition covers covering a wide range of events sell out quickly while sales of the more traditional - some may say run of the mill - first day covers often seem to struggle. [...]

Bletchley Park Code Breakers Are Back in Fashion
For Royal Mail's Great British Fashion special stamp issue scheduled for May 15th, Bletchley Park Post Office have adopted a 1940's theme for their latest collectable first day cover. [...]

Post & Go Stamps 2012: Sheep Breeds 24th February 2012
The next set of Post and Go pictorial stamps, the first of three sets that will feature British farm animals during 2012, is due to be released on 24th February 2012. [...]

Reviews of Stoneham Stamp Catalogue Wanted
The Stoneham Stamp Catalogue is now in its 15th edition and I'm on the look out for any GB collectors in possession of the latest edition who can write a well written and objective review for us. [...]

London 2012 Olympics - Royal Mail to Issue Special Stamps for Every TeamGB Gold Medal
Royal Mail has announced that special commemorative stamps will be issued to mark every British individual and team gold medal success at the London 2012 Olympics. [...]

The Postal Service Before the Penny Post and GB Stamps
Before postage stamps were issued in Great Britain there was, in fact, a well established and effective British postal system. The biggest difference was the recipient usually paid for any mail delivered rather than the sender. [...]

New British 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games II Stamp Set
In just a few days the Royal Mail will issue the UK's second set of ten Special Stamps featuring various Olympic and Paralympic events. The stamps will be available from Post Offices and the philatelic Bureau exactly two years before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games is due to take place. [...]

British Postal Museum and Archive Look Set For Move
In a recent press release the British Postal Museum and Archive (BPMA) confirmed that it is in the running for more than £2.5 Million funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to establish a new, accessible and permanent home for the extensive collection of the former National Postal Museum which, sadly, is currently in storage on not generally viewable. [...]

England 1966 World Cup Winners First Day Covers Can Prove Valuable
As the 2010 World Cup is about to get underway in South Africa I thought I'd look back at England's triumph back in 1966 and the first day covers produced for the England Winners overprint issued on 18th August 1966. The overprint was placed on the 4d value from the World Cup set issued earlier in the year before the tournament got underway. These covers are worth double checking as some examples can fetch amazing prices! [...]

The Sub-Post Offices and Postmarks of Guernsey
The sub-post offices of Guernsey in the Channel Islands can make for a fascinating specialisation among GB philatelists, postal history and postmark collectors. [...]

London 2010: Postage Stamps in the 21st Century
Take part in a FREE hour long panel discussion in London featuring guests from the Royal Mail, Stamp Magazine, The Stamp Advisory Committee and the security printers De La Rue to air views on stamp design and speculate on the future of postage stamps. [...]

The Rise and Rise of the 1840 2d Blue
Issued just a few days after the better known but less valuable Penny Black, the GB 1840 Twopenny Blue stamp has proved to be a real investment worth holding in the last few years. [...]

Edward VII GB Stamps 1902-1913

The stamps from the reign of Edward VII are an ever popular period for British stamp collectors and philatelists. Although only 19 basic stamps were issued during this period, the employment of three different printers means a huge array of variations exist relating to the paper, perforations and shades of printing ink. This explains why the Edward VII era is the subject of many specialised GB stamp collections.

Take a look at the live online Edward VII stamp auctions ending soon.

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Centenary of the First UK Aerial Post

First UK Aerial Post Centenary

We wrote some time ago about the first UK Aerial Post in 1911 and how the centenary of the event was approaching. As expected the Royal Mail marked the centenary on 9th September 2011 with a special stamp issue featuring photos of the event and a miniature sheet shown above which is styled on the publicity posters which were used to advertise the original event.

Gloucester philatelic postmark The featured GB philatelic postmark for Tuesday Dec 06 2016 is from Gloucester.

Collectors can get this special postmark applied by sending the stamped (minimum 1st Class rate) addressed envelope(s) to:

Midland Special Handstamp Centre
Royal Mail
Birmingham Mail centre
St Stephens Street

You can ask for any date (including public holidays) to be applied to your covers provided you send them to arrive on or before that date. It is advised you send a suitable return envelope also if you want the covers sent back protected rather than individually through the regular mail service.
We feature a different UK philatelic postmark every day so check back again

GB Stamp Set Creates an A-Z of the UK

The Royal Mail has now finished what they announced as "a dramatic 26-stamp, alphabetical odyssey around the UK" featuring stamps showing iconic landmarks from across all four countries that make up the UK.

In 2012 Royal Mail completed the series with 14 stamps featuring places like "Station X" at Bletchley Park and the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. The journey had actually begun when the UK A-Z Part One was issued back in October 2011. This comprised of twelve 1st Class stamps showing landmarks from A to L. The stamps took a fresh look at some of the UK’s most famous sights, ancient to modern and from spiritual to spectacular. Learn more about these stamps

GB Stamp Collecting & British Philatelic Publication News

The Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue offers comprehensive details and prices for every British stamp issued since 1840. The stamp designs are illustrated in colour and catalogue listings include detailed watermark information, perforation details, colour shades, paper types (including phosphor bands) etc.

The catalogue also lists and prices First Day Covers (FDC), PHQ Postcards, official presentation packs, stamp booklets, postage due stamps, regional stamp issues, official stamps, postally valid fiscal stamps and the Royal Mail labels (Smilers). Order from Stanley Gibbons or see if one is available cheaper by online auction.

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